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Old Periscope Radio Crew:

Dear listeners! Radio team list, including the profile positions of the “crew” members and their specialization “on board”, needs some explanation.

It should be recalled that the creative idea of ​​Old Periscope Radio is based on the concept of musical broadcasting, which is led by a group of like-minded people – as if they are members of the crew of a fictional submarine immersed in the boundless “ocean of music”.

Therefore, we perform our duties according to the “staffing schedule” of our virtual underwater vehicle: 

  • Commanding Officer – Oleksandr Shtaltovnyi
    (Project Founder, programm manager and music editor)
  • Executive Officer – Oleksandr Miahkiy
    (art director and executive producer)
  • Navigator – Valentin Buniak
    (Project designer, logo-autor, creative producer)
  • Sonar specialist – Andriy Bilanenko
    (technical support of broadcasting)
  • Watch Officer – Olena Taburno
    (sound editor, programmes producer)
  • Flagship specialist-radio technician – Ievgen Kovalevskyi
    (site and mobile application development and technical support)
  • Public Affairs Officer – Vasyl Levchenko
    (correspondence, social networks, telephone communications)
  • Mission Staff Officer – Roman Yarosevych
    (station support on the broadcast server)

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