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Musical concept of the radio station

The Old Periscope Radio is a Ukrainian non-profit music radio project that broadcasts contemporary American and British soft rock music over the Internet.

The basis of our format is rock mainstream. At the same time, we strive to present a wider genre palette. Our playlists include American and British classic soft rock and jazz rock, art rock and progressive rock, a little bit of hard rock, adult oriented rock and folk rock, indie, smooth jazz as well as blues.

The Old Periscope Radio does not concentrate exclusively on oldies of the 60s, 70s and 80s. We also follow closely new performers and broadcast their music if it’s played in the tradition of melodies and harmonies already recognized by the musical world.

In various spheres, including a music one, it is customary called as “the old school”. And we are big supporters of the old school!

We are devoted to the rock culture and the associated culture of listening as a part of the whole culture of education. We strive to ensure that our listeners not only highlight the dominant rhythm and main melody of this or that song, but also could hear its semitones that cello, piano or vocal singing a cappella are able to bring in.

The Old Periscope Radio was launched and its broadcasts are paid for by its founder. But despite the needs for funding to support broadcasts and promotion of the station in general, we still try not to bother our esteemed listeners with calls for donations.

The Old Periscope Radio is not a business project. Our station is not intended for commercial broadcasting in public places, but rather exclusively for private listening at home, in the office or while traveling.

Summing up, we do not seek to obtain monetary or any other kind of benefit from any source, including commercials. The Old Periscope Radio team dreams of one thing only – attention of our loyal listeners who share with us the multicultural values of the post-war and modern Western rock culture of 1960-2020.

Let’s enjoy our melodies together!

Old Periscope Radio Crew

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