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Accents of musical formatting

Above all, we consider it appropriate to remined that the section “MISSION” of the site sets out the Musical concept of our radio station, where Musical spectrum of the Old Periscope Radio is presented.

However, in this section we inform our listeners about Accents of musical formatting. That is about genre priorities we wish to implement in the air, depending on the time of day.

Do agree, that given human biorhythms, powerful rock-drive on the air at night, somewhere at 3 a.m., will not be comfortable to listen to.

At the same time, complex rock-music, for instance, progressive-rock or art-rock, will be organically perceived in the afternoon or in the evening. While energetic pop-rock is comfortable to perceive in the morning, during the day and in the evening but not later than 10 p.m.

Night time is a part of the day when less energetic melodies are predicted on the air, but more slow, romantic and silent melodies. It is time for soul, jazz, folk-rock, blues, romantic ballads and «golden» hits of the past.

Hence, our genre priorities:

06.00-09.00 – pop-rock, soft rock, jazz-funk, country rock, classic rock, electronic music

09.00-15.00 – soft rock, pop-rock, country rock, indie-music, acid jazz, southern rock, electronic music

15.00-21.00 – mainstream, soft rock, indie-music, art rock, prog rock, jazz-rock, hard rock, adult oriented rock, country rock, blues rock

21.00-00.00 – jazz-rock, indie-music, mainstream, art rock, prog rock, space-rock, rhythm and blues, folk rock, electronic music

00.00-06.00 – modern jazz, blues, folk rock, soft rock, soul, ballads, acid jazz, ambient, lounge, classic rock, «golden» hits

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